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Listed below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions to help you in your planning and decision-making. If you have questions that are not covered, please do not hesitate to email Dodds Interiors at or phone 905-848-2877 and a helpful staff member will be very pleased to answer them for you. After all, we are The Window Fashion Experts.

How do I know which brand to select?

At Dodds, you're not limited to one make. We give brand recommendation based on your needs and full requirements. For instance, you could use a very inexpensive product for your unfinished basement, yet go for architectural type hardware if you have 16' high living room or hall ceilings, and a very heavy drapery is going to be suspended. Our knowledgeable professionals will help you select the right window solution for your situation and budget.

What should I stay away from?

Unless you are prepared to change your décor every year, stay away from ultra trendy. Choose a color you like that can live with for a long time, then add the "trendy" with small accessories (or even paint) that you can change when you want to.

What is the best way to start when I'm thinking about new window coverings?

Trust the window fashion experts at Dodds. We'll ask about your style preferences and whether your décor of choice is traditional, ultra mod or classical, and whether you like shutters, blinds, minimal or fancy drapes. We ask about your likes and dislikes and in this way always meet your requirements; we'll look at your need for privacy, room darkening, ultra-violet protection, even noise reduction or whether you like lots of light or a little. We take into consideration your lifestyle, children, pets, smokey environment, etc. We will always consider function first and come up with a solution that suits your circumstances, budget and looks great.

I don't think I have the budget to purchase everything I want. Can I get it for less?

You will always get what you pay for, but we usually advise to do it in stages, perhaps start with one room or even one window. We help you to decide on your theme and develop a plan or schedule if that works for you. You probably will start with a fundamental need to create privacy or cover a particular window, and we will do this and give our best professional advice to help you find the perfect window fashion or product for your budget and your needs, whether it's one window in your new condo or a house full. We'll be happy to help again when you're ready, even if you're only doing it one room at a time. We also measure and/or install and make location visits to advise on the best solution for your needs, so don't be afraid to ask, however small your project.

Why should I choose Dodds? Is it better to go to a budget outlet?

It's always best to look for a reputable company, with lots of experience and a solid track record. Dodds has been serving the entire GTA and beyond for 40 years and have the references and happy residential and business customers to prove it. We have won the Consumers Choice Award for the last six years in a row, which says a lot! We're happy to provide references, show you around our showroom or visit your home or office. We love to be helpful and are happy to show you our full range of products, from blinds to wonderful fancy draperies. We believe in being there when you need us and take pride in our customer service and follow up.

What about warranties?

Most manufacturers offer a "limited lifetime warranty". This is one reason it's wise to use our professional installers as warranties do not include removing of the products and re-installing them. We offer full manufacturers warranties backed by Dodds' reputation for complete customer satisfaction with all our products. Sometimes you might find invent a little more initially, but this is a wise move, and you end up with a reliable, serviceable product that lasts and looks wonderful as long as you need it to.

Why do prices differ so much from one dealer to another?

This may be due to the value of the product. With draperies, for example, you can have more fullness, better lining, better workmanship. To deliver top quality is more time consuming/costly. Or you can end up with a skimpy finished product, without proper allowance for hems and heading, cheap lining, sewn as a rush job, installed with inferior hardware. It's true that you usually get what you pay for and when you pay a lot less, the workmanship, the product or the reliability or performance usually reflects this.

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